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Preparing Thesis (organization Kalem)

Preparing thesis covers all the knowledge of the students and helps students to increase their reporting abilities and making surveys after their undergraduate program and it can be clarified as a kind of workshop. For their thesis the students cannot spare time enough because of their routine lectures and academically they cannot feel sufficient academically for preparing their researches. By this reason, the study cannot be qualified. The academicians define these researches inadequate so they do not look for too much academic details in those studies. Another important question is how much the system gets the substructure ready for a qualified thesis study. The students do not get ready for their thesis during their undergraduate program and because of this situation; they think that the thesis preparing period is unnecessary.

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When we make evaluation from the student’s perspective, we would see that they are right to feel that preparing thesis is unnecessary because they do not have any idea how much that the thesis system help to their professional and personal development. They do not know how to manage the thesis writing and researching period but their universities are asking them to finish a very detailed and qualified study. Here we should know that preparing the study period should be managed with the instructors and the students, the school and the academician should help students to make their surveys. Also the period must be clarified by the teachers and they must help schoolers to make their study plan. But there are only a few schools which help and advice to their students properly.

After the four years under graduation program, the learners come across the same situation in the post graduate period. The students again become unconscious but they have more time for finishing a thesis because the schools let them for a semester or more out of their classes. But if the student would not have consciousness about the process, the time would not mean anything and they still cannot finish their papers. So, most of them feel disappointed at the end of the continuum.

By these reasons we get into the act. We know that many students want to finish this process by their own but they do not feel enough and ready to designate the subject, research and write. Also as we said that before, the universities do not help students to finish a successful paper. The first places to make precaution are the universities. Those schools must make awareness raising. Also the control mechanisms can be shown as the responsible.

Out of the responsible organizations, the students do not approach the subject with caution and they do not work well disciplined. They feel that preparing papers excess baggage for them. So a fully sentience must be provided. The academic programs can be shown as the most important organizations of the education system but as seen there is a inadequacy. Also there is a irony that the well educated and graduated students cannot do anything by their owns. The people spend too much money for the collages and for the graduation programs and sometimes the amounts can be incredible. But they still do not take care of their thesis. Sometimes they cannot outgrow their previous studying styles and when they confront with the thesis writing they do not understand the situation’s importance and they cannot make planning. So here we become a part of the activity and help students to make an appropriate study plan, find a subject and make the research. F you want to get more information, you can contact us.

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